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The University of Arizona

HIST 498 (Section 2) - Feminist Biographies (Spring 2019)

Primary Sources

Primary sources consist of materials created by the participants at the time of the event. They may include personal narratives, diaries, correspondence, and other documents. Explore the following library catalogs and databases to locate primary sources. 

WorldCat Search Techniques:

  • On the keyword search page, type your major search topic into the top line.
  • On the second line, change "Any Field" to "Subject."
  • Type any of the following into the Search Box: 
    sources, interviews, "personal narratives", statistics, diaries, correspondence, biography, archives

You can search more than one of these words by putting "or" between words, e.g. sources or "personal narratives" or interviews

Please note: “biography” includes both autobiographies and secondary works.

Autobiographical information can be found by changing  “Any Field”  to “Author”  and typing in the name of the person.

Digitized Primary Sources

Find newspaper articles