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The University of Arizona

Business Intelligence Resources



The librarians who work with TLA put this guide together to offer a one-stop shop for accessing  patent, marketing, industry, etc., information for doing business intelligence. We want this guide to be convenient and useful. Please send any requests for content additions or deletions to one of the librarians below. And --  please feel free to reach out to any one of us if you have questions or concerns of any kind!



Jason Dewland's picture

Jason Dewland
Main Library A207
(520) 477-8097

Paula Johnson's picture

Paula C Johnson
Main Library A212
(520) 621-9862

Sandra Kramer's picture

Sandy Kramer
Health Sciences Library 1149J
(520) 626-6438

Jennifer Martin's picture

Jennifer Martin
Drachman Hall B211M
(520) 626-3381

Jim Martin's picture

Jim Martin
Main Library A213
(520) 307-6595

Jeffrey Oliver's picture

Jeff Oliver
Main Library A501
(520) 626-9215

Jeanne L. Pfander's picture

Jeanne Pfander
Health Sciences Library 1149C
(520) 621-6375