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AMA Manual of Style Guide (10th)

This guide will assist you with the AMA Manual of Style (10th edition)

Examples of In-Text Citations


  • Cited works are numbered in order of initial appearance in the text; they appear in the Reference List in numerical order.

  • Use arabic superscript numerals outside periods and commas, and inside colons and semi-colons.

  • Authors' names are inverted, and use only initials for first and middle names. No periods between initials.

  • In article titles only the first word and proper nouns and abbreviations that are ordinarily capitalized are capitalized.

  • Use accepted Index Medicus abbreviations of journals names (see the List of Journals Indexed in Index Medicus).

  • For journals use issue numbers in parentheses after the volume number. If there is no issue number specify month before the year.





Example of a Reference list


1. Jones AB. Modes of treatment: A traditional approach. Phys Ther. 1999;80:20-26.

2. Smith CD. Transmission modes and treatment approaches. 3rd ed. Miami (FL): FLorida    University Presses; 1999.

3. Garcia EF, Zabihi GH. Transmission modes. New York (NY): NYU Press; 1999:308-338.

4. Mohamed IJ. Principles of treatment. In: Needles DD, Thread OE, editors. What it's all    about? Putnam (NY): Happy Days Press; 1998:29-39.

5. Haskins AR, Himburg SP, George V, et al. Daring to be different: A less traditional style. Clin mgmt in educ. 2000;26(1):9-19.

6. Abood S. Quality improvement initiative in nursing homes: the ANA acts in an advisory role. Am J Nurs [serial on the Internet]. 2002 Jun [cited 2002 Aug 12];102(6):[about 3p.]. Available from:

7. Wyndham Mount Laurel. Meetings and Conferences Page. Available at:  Accessed July 10, 2014.