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AMA Manual of Style Guide (10th)

This guide will assist you with the AMA Manual of Style (10th edition)

Citing a Website


Basic rules for Citing a Website - The AMA Manual of Style (10th) is in the library WZ 345 A511m 2007

  • As much relevant information as possible should be included
  • Author if given
  • Title of the specific item cited (if none given, use the name of the organization responsible for the website)
  • Name of the website
  • URL (verify that the link still works as close as possible to publication date)
  • Published date
  • Updated date
  • Accessed (date)

  • See pp. 63-72 APA Manual of Style (10th) for additional rules and examples.


Reference to a website with no author.

Name of organization. Title of specific item cited. URL. Accessed date.

Example below.

International Society for Infectious Diseases. ProMED-mail Website. Accessed April 29, 2004.


Reference to a website with author. (See p.68 3.15.3 in AMA Manual of Style 10th)

Author A. Title. Name of website. URL. Updated date. Accessed date.

Example below.

Sullivan D. Major search engines and directories. SearchEngineWatch Website. Updated April 28, 2004. Accessed December 6, 2005.