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RefWorks: Creating a Folder

This guide will assist you in creating your personal RefWorks account. RefWorks is a web based research management, writing and collaboration tool. It helps you gather, manage, store and share information. It also generates citations and bibliographies.

Creating and Using Folders in RefWorks


      1. Log-in to your RefWorks account.

          2. On the RefWorks home page Click on the ‘New Folder’ button.

          3. Name Your Folder and click the ‘Create’ button.



         *Tip 1: Move your references immediately to a specific folder.


   The ‘Last Imported’ Folder contains only references from your most recent data import

    that have not been put in other folders.

   References from imports prior to your last data import NOT assigned to a specific

   folder remain available in View > All References.



            *Tip 2: You can have as many folders as you want in your RefWorks account.

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