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RefWorks: In Text Citations

This guide will assist you in creating your personal RefWorks account. RefWorks is a web based research management, writing and collaboration tool. It helps you gather, manage, store and share information. It also generates citations and bibliographies.

Inserting Citations into your Word Document


         1. Begin at the AHSL Home Page

             2.  Under the Quick Links drop down menu select RefWorks.


            Figure 1


         3. Click on RefWorks


        Figure 2


               4. Sign Up for a New Account or Log-in to your existing account.


      Figure 3

      5. Gather all your references, good and bad into RefWorks. Open the specific folder you are working on by clicking on it. (Leave RefWorks open in your browser).


    6. Begin writing your paper.


    7. Place the cursor at the place in your document you want to cite a reference and return to      RefWorks.


    8. Click on the little yellow-orange brackets and ‘copy’ the citation you want to cite.

         It is found in the ‘citation viewer box.’

         *Tip: Be sure to ‘clear’ the box and ‘close it’ (click on the ‘X’ to close).


      Figure 4


   9.    Return to your Word document and ‘paste’ the citation into your paper.


  10.   Continue adding your citations into your document.

         Your paper will initially have what appears to be nonsense.

[Example below of an ‘in cite’ citation in AMA 10th Style.]


               Figure 5


   11. Be sure to save the document with its filename_template as a Word document.

 *Tip: Save it to your desktop.


   12.   In RefWorks click on ‘Create Bibliography’ button.


      Figure 6

   13.  Make sure you have selected your ‘Output style’ or click on

         Output Style Manager to add new output styles. [Figure 7].


   14.   Click on the arrow in front of ‘Format Paper and Bibliography.’


   15.   In the ‘Document to Format” window,

           click on the ‘Browse’ button for your file.


   16.   Click on the ‘Open’ button.


      Figure 7

      17. Click on the ‘Create Bibliography’ button.


   18. Here is your finished paper. Save this document and give it another name.

            Figure 8


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