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RefWorks: Exporting Citations

This guide will assist you in creating your personal RefWorks account. RefWorks is a web based research management, writing and collaboration tool. It helps you gather, manage, store and share information. It also generates citations and bibliographies.

Exporting Citations from PubMed to RefWorks

Perform a search in PubMed through the AHSL website


         1.    Check the box in front of your citation(s).

           2. Click on ‘Display settings’ drop down menu.

        3. Select the ‘Medline’ button and click on the ‘Apply’ button.



                 4. Select ‘ALL’ by pressing the ‘CTRL key’ and the letter ‘A’ key.


               5. Press the ‘CTRL key’ and the letter ‘C’ key to Copy

                 6. Log-in to your RefWorks account through the ahsl website (

               7.  On the home page of your RefWorks account, on the gray toolbar select the ‘References’                drop down menu and choose ‘Import.’



1.                                      8.  Click on ‘From Text’ which will open up a window

                 9.   The ‘Import Filter/Data Source’ drop down menu is NLM PubMed

        10. RefWorks will automatically change the ‘Database’ to PubMed

        11. Then press the ‘CTRL key‘ and the letter ‘V’ key to Paste in your citations


            12. Click on the Import Button






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