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ANTH 160A1 - Patterns in Prehistory (Fall 2017)

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Use online encyclopedias

Look up key terms or get background information on your topic:

Find scholarly articles

For your two essay assignments, you are required to use at least three sources from scholarly archaeological journals. Try searching for these articles here: 


  • Don't forget to put and in between your search terms, and use quotation marks when you want to search for two words together. 
  • If the article seems too narrow, or too technical, read the abstract, introduction, or conclusion to get a good contextual overview of the topic.
  • Another place to search is directly in the scholarly journal themselves. Try looking in Science or Journal of Archaeological Science, for example.

Cite your sources

For this course, you'll be using the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) style guide to cite your sources. Jump to pages 21-25 for help with in-text citations, and to page 31 for your References Cited page at the end of your paper.

Purdue's OWL is also a great resource for help with using citations in research.