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LRC 595A - Forbidden Fiction: Censoring Children’s Literature (Fall 2017)

Your librarian and your professor have collaborated to create this course guide. It includes exercises and resources to help you successfully complete your research and coursework.

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Resources for analyzing a book that has offended someone

The resources and activities below will help you research a book that has offended. 

Follow these guidelines to help you locate information to historicize the complaint against your book.

  • To start, use the resources below to identify a book and the dates and places that your selected book was banned or challenged. 
  • Next, use several items in the Books, Databases, and Newspapers sections to locate information about your book as well as information about the time and place where the book was banned. If you need assistance, the tutorials associated with the databases will teach you how to search for your information.  
    • Look through the ebooks to locate some information on the book you have selected.
    • Think about the themes that are explored in the book - look at literature databases as well as JSTOR to read book reviews and explorations of literary themes.
    • Think about the political climate in the United States at the time the book was banned or challenged and use the newspaper databases to gather additional information on the time period. You can also use the newspaper databases to identify local papers where books were banned or challenged. Browse the papers to get a sense of the community and its concerns. 

Resources to identify a banned or challenged book

Information on banned/challenged books

Databases to help you find book reviews and literary analyses of your book.

Newspaper databases to locate information on the time(s) and place(s) your book was banned/challenged

Citation style guides & using quotations

  • This exercise will help you learn how to integrate and cite quotations using the APA formatting style.